Music Growth Engineer
I'm Andrew Apanov, and I help artists, music companies and music startups grow their brands online.
What I'm currently working on
Today you'll find me busy with the Dotted Music agency, growing the business and serving our incredible clients. I stopped releasing the Music Growth Talks podcast for the time being (possibly back soon!), but you can still find a lot in the 150+ episodes released so far.
Press Kit
Download hi-res photos at this location. My short bio is below.
The background footage is from the Stand Above The Noise series.
Andrew Apanov, the "Music Growth Engineer," is the founder of Dotted Music, a music industry blog and digital marketing agency for music brands. He's also the creator of a growth training and community platform for artists called WeSpin, and a host of the Music Growth Talks podcast. Andrew has been in the music business for over 15 years, as editor-in-chief of Ultimate Guitar, live events promoter, drum & bass DJ, consultant, speaker, and a marketing specialist.

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And I will support your work in return. I have one tier on Patreon at the moment, it's $1/mo, and it gives you exclusive access to content worth well more than a buck.
Honored Patrons
I'm deeply grateful to all the people and organizations who have been supporting my projects over the years. Unable to list them all, I choose to highlight a few brands who decided to show an extra support through my Patreon.
Speaking Engagements
If you are interested in having me as a speaker at your event, get in touch via the contact form below.

I have given talks and been a featured speaker on a number of local, international and online events, including Berlin Music Week, MIDEM, Reeperbahn, Slush Music, by:Larm, Wallifornia Music Tech, Dancefair, MENT, BUSH, Musik & Talang, Tak Brzmi Miasto, and more.
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